Open Letters - Dear Cadbury - 2014-01-08-12-16

Dear Cadbury,

When I was in New Zealand, in 1980 – 82 (approximately), my mother used to buy me Cadburys chocolate – the bars with lots of squares .

I used to peel the top and eat it straight off,
I’d finish about half a bar,
Then I’d put it in the fridge
And forget about it

Later on, if I saw it there, I would reach for it
It would be in my hand…
… Don’t really remember eating a half-eaten bar though…

Anyway, here is my contribution to the chocolate industry:
My dream chocolate today, would be:
Whole cocoa beans, either cooked in a pressure cooker or in water, till soft,
Or maybe dry-roasted, and powdered till fine…
Mixed with fresh ground Stevia leaves (I hear they are 300 times sweeter than sugar),
And maybe, just a pinch of salt.

And that’s all, for now.

Ms. Ann Abraham.
Born in Kerala,
Baptised there too,
But living in Chennai,
In Annanagar.


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