Open Letter - to the President and others - 2014-01-17-21-21

. . . . From the desk of Ms. Ann Abraham . .

Hi Mr. President,

As you must be knowing, the world is in a state of flux… There is always change happening, and no time like the present…

Seems to me it’s been some time since everybody met each other.  With lots of fun and games and good food all around…

So I invite you to the games that I host – there are lots and lots of games, and lots of good food, I hope…

However, I haven’t personally done that yet, so you’ll have to settle for what is second best…

So, do find a games and attend with your entourages, and talk informally, off the record, or on, and do… whatever..

Then when you have a formal meeting, you will have something to talk about, hopefully… But who knows, you might have finished talking everything out…

Anyway, Here’s to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games!  Hip, hip, hurrah!

Ms. Ann Abraham,
Annanagar West,
Chennai – 600 040,

P. S.   Hi to all the heads of state – elected or otherwise!!

P. P. S.   Hi to anyone…!

P. P. P. S.   Okay, A big “Hi” … to everyone!!!!!

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