Open Letter - To DiabeticsDesire - 2014-01-15-17-17

. . . . From the desk of Ms. Ann Abraham . .

Dear DiabeticsDesire,

Some years ago (though I really, really love sugar) I decided to be good and not eat sugar.  So I looked for some sugar-less sweets, and found a box of DiabeticsDezire at Nilgris.

I bought it and ate it, and it was nice.

Recently, on the internet, I found that there is a leaf of the “Stevia” plant, which is much sweeter than sugar, and so I’m looking for fresh Stevia leaves – it might be like curry leaves, or coriander leaves, or brinjal leaves, but sweet.

Because it is a leaf, and not the sap of the plant, it is good for the body, and I’m sure those diagnosed will be able to eat of it heartily.

Ms. Ann Abraham.
Chennai, India.
Annanagar West.

Open Letter - To DiabeticsDesire - 2014-01-15-17-17 

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