Dear McDonalds

Dear #McDonalds,

Sub.:  The everlasting burger.

I’ve always been in love with the #burger.  Never got many, though.

Then I had a chance to visit the States on my own, in December 1997.  And the first food I opted to have, when asked, was a burger.

The #burger is truly a most complete food. 

The whole-grain bun has got the #carbohydrates.

The sesame seeds sprinkled on top has the #Vitamin E and #calcium.

The burger #meat (fat-less, please) has got the #protein and other things.

The #tomato, #lettuce and #onion (soaked in vinegar and salt, and then squeezed dry) are the #salad vegetables.

The #mayo and the #sauces have the oomph-factor.

Well, that’s complete – the carbs, the protein and the veggies.  Do we need anything more …?

Yes, more please….

Regards and thanks for the best burger I ate,
Ms. Ann Abraham.

P. S.   I visited the McDonalds in India, but I um, need the red-meat variety.  Maybe you could try #deer-meat.  I hear it is really so plentiful in #Hawaii that no one else knows what to do about it….


Open Letter - 2013-12-24-20-47 - Sugarcane and Stevia

Apparently there is some controversy regarding #sugarcane cultivation.

There has long been suspicion that sugar leads to #diabetes….

That is probably because it is refined.  Fresh sugarcane juice is probably one of the best drinks available, maybe just a little too good for health though….

There is a plant called #Stevia, which apparently can be cultivated in sub-tropical and tropical areas.  It is reputed to be much sweeter than sugar, and theoretically safe as a fresh leaf.

The leaf can be either presented as a bunch of fresh leaves, like curry leaves or coriander leaves, this time with a sweet taste,
Or it can be dried in the sun, and powdered, packed, sent to shops and used instead of sugar.

Good Lord!  We have sweetness too….

Open Letter - 2013-12-24-20-31

Regarding the recent incident in #Indo-US relations:

Apparently the treatment meted out to scores of people have caught the attention of the world, when it was meted out to a person who otherwise would not have been a subject for such scrutiny.

If it is considered with a certain adjective with regard to said person, then it should be considered with that adjective to the scores of other people too…

But the fact remains, that what is sauce for the gander is not sauce for the goose, sometimes. 

Some people prefer technology, and some humans.  Some prefer X-rays, and some prefer doctors with a nice bedside manner…..

And some people of course, prefer not to travel at all considering the conditions…..