Open Letter - To Apple - photoBooth - Finder - 2014-01-17-15-27

. . . . From the desk of Ms. Ann Abraham . .

So, dear Apple,
Here I am, with my begging bowl again…

I need a few features please…

The photo booth – nice application, but I need a timestamp
The date and the time, down to the second,
In the format 2014-01-17-15-22

The Finder – the list of movie events shows up, and I am able to upload to YouTube, but the list of photos taken in the photoBooth just refuse to show.  Neither do the photos in iPhoto.  …?  Please update the Finder.  I know the photos are there, and so do photoBooth and iPhoto, but Finder has not a clue….

Get cracking, apple, and have some ginger crumble…

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