Open Letter - To KFC - 2014-01-15-11-53

. . . . From the desk of Ms. Ann Abraham . .

Dear KFC,

I had an order of KFC delivered to my doorstep, though my mother received it, and I was left searching for it… I even called you up again, but then I woke my mother, and she told me where it was… But it was cold by then.

Anyway, the point is, the chicken doesn’t have blood in it anymore… SO I could eat the Hot&Crispy.  And the skin wasn’t there, so I could eat the batter too… (Still waiting for the batter to be whole-grain, though).

So, a good improvement over the previous haemorrhaged chicken meat, and the fatty skin….!! Kudos!!

Oh, yes, my father had bought some KFC on the way, some time back, and bought a Rizo rice, which I hadn’t tried, because it was white rice.  But since he bought it, and there was gravy with it, I tried the gravy, and it was thick and nice, and very tasty, and I dipped the boneless chicken in it, and had that… which was good.

So this time, when I ordered by telephone, I requested a Rizo-rice, just for the sake of the gravy, since I liked that gravy, and not the dips that are supplied with the Dips bucket. 

So apparently, the Rizo gravy is available separately, and so I dropped the white-rice, and ordered just the gravy.

I ordered boneless without the DIPS bucket, just the boneless tray, and had Rizo gravy with it, and that was my day!  It was my mother and my father’s wedding anniversary that day, and so we celebrated.

(My mother asked me to order, so that she didn’t have to cook that day, and I obliged, and looks like I lived to tell the tale!).

Ms. Ann Abraham.
Ordered on 2014-01-12

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