Open Letter - 2013-12-24-20-47 - Sugarcane and Stevia

Apparently there is some controversy regarding #sugarcane cultivation.

There has long been suspicion that sugar leads to #diabetes….

That is probably because it is refined.  Fresh sugarcane juice is probably one of the best drinks available, maybe just a little too good for health though….

There is a plant called #Stevia, which apparently can be cultivated in sub-tropical and tropical areas.  It is reputed to be much sweeter than sugar, and theoretically safe as a fresh leaf.

The leaf can be either presented as a bunch of fresh leaves, like curry leaves or coriander leaves, this time with a sweet taste,
Or it can be dried in the sun, and powdered, packed, sent to shops and used instead of sugar.

Good Lord!  We have sweetness too….

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