Dear McDonalds

Dear #McDonalds,

Sub.:  The everlasting burger.

I’ve always been in love with the #burger.  Never got many, though.

Then I had a chance to visit the States on my own, in December 1997.  And the first food I opted to have, when asked, was a burger.

The #burger is truly a most complete food. 

The whole-grain bun has got the #carbohydrates.

The sesame seeds sprinkled on top has the #Vitamin E and #calcium.

The burger #meat (fat-less, please) has got the #protein and other things.

The #tomato, #lettuce and #onion (soaked in vinegar and salt, and then squeezed dry) are the #salad vegetables.

The #mayo and the #sauces have the oomph-factor.

Well, that’s complete – the carbs, the protein and the veggies.  Do we need anything more …?

Yes, more please….

Regards and thanks for the best burger I ate,
Ms. Ann Abraham.

P. S.   I visited the McDonalds in India, but I um, need the red-meat variety.  Maybe you could try #deer-meat.  I hear it is really so plentiful in #Hawaii that no one else knows what to do about it….

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